You writin' a fucking book or something? 

My name is Richard Morgan, and I'm ostensibly the brains behind this operation.


I started Fair Shakes and Just Desserts for a few reasons. First off, there's way too much good music slipping through the cracks because most artists simply do not have the ears of people who need to hear their music in order to get it to the ears of the general public. To make matters worse, most of these artists also don't have the money to hire publicists to get their music to said ears. I'm not saying I can fix that, but I hope to turn over more stones here than most music writers, who simply do not have the luxury of listening to, and then writing about, stuff flying way under the radar.


Secondly, I'm a sucker for influential artists who were ignored, or maybe had their 15 seconds, and are now little more than a long-forgotten name in some obscure liner note from an album 22 people bought back in 1977. So, I guess, in many ways, I'm doing this for my friend, Paul K, who​ in many ways could be considered the poster child for Fair Shakes and Just Desserts. And so I'll also be blathering about reissues and new anthologies from people you've never heard of, but who are definitely worth checking out.


That's really it.


Not much of a manifesto. Rest assured though, I'm not some Johnny-come-lately to the music blogging world. I cut my teeth as a writer and editor with My Old Kentucky Blog, and my writing, for good or bad, has appeared in rags ranging from to USA Today, and a whole lotta weeklies and sausage wrappers in between.