New Tune : Bnny : Ambulance

When decided to start this mess of a site, I settled on 1000 YouTube views as the limbo stick that artists would have to get under to earn the distinction of "new music." Fortunately, that sets the stage perfectly for the new single from Bnny, who also happen to be from my current adopted hometown of Chicago.

"Ambulance" is from the band's forthcoming debut Everything, which will officially see the light of day on August 20th, courtesy of the fine folks at Fire Talk. Obviously, the band wears many of its influences on its collective sleeve, but oh my, such influences. Certainly a lot to like here. If this tune if any indication, you'd be forgiven for thinking Everything will be an album better suited for listening when the days grow shorter and the beer stouter, but if such is the case, is lead single "Time Walk" something of a red herring?

Tough to say. Just to be safe, best pre-order Everything now and don't get caught watchin' the paint dry.


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