New Tune : Briars of North America : Same Old Lady (a kinda sorta Karen Dalton cover)

If you haven't had the pleasure of stumbling upon Briars of North America, please allow me to put them on your music radar. The New York-based band started way back in 2009, when cousins Jeremy Thal and Gideon Crevoshay began playing together, adding Greg Chudzik to the mix soon thereafter. Since then, the trio have trotted out two EPs, as well as a full-length, at their leisurely discretion.

Sonically, Briars of North America settle gently into a sweet spot that mixes decidedly organic instrumentation, against a backdrop of atmospherics. Give it a quick listen and this formula immediately calls to mind Iron and Wine, with clear overtones of Neutral Milk Hotel (an act, coincidentally, with which they have shared bills), with just a hint of that good ol' Handsome Family darkness.

A tasty compote indeed, "Same Old Lady" is lifted from the band's new full-length, Supermoon. As for whether the tune is truly an interpretation of Karen Dalton's "Same Old Man," well, it's not unlike arguing over the thousands of songs in the "Stagger Lee" universe.

Sure, same basic premise, but the fun lies in the fact that every artist can spin these dark, "old as the hills and twice as dusty" paeans in their own way, providing they capture the original spirit.

Case in point, my go-to rendition...

And, yes, I know damn well that I've been talking about a lotta records as of late that won't be out 'til the snow flies, but if Briars of North America grab you, you'll be glad to know you can drop some of that hard-earned on Supermoon today, courtesy of Brassland.


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