New Tune : Kandle : When It Hurts

A couple weeks back I was saying something about rarely loving songs the first time I hear them. I'm sticking to that statement, however, I feel like I should add a caveat. Namely, there are certain musical elements that elicit within me a full-on Pavlovian response. One is the presence of oboe in the mix, but the reasons behind that idiosyncrasy shall remain between me and my therapist.

Another one is the boom-ba-boom-pah drum intro the incomparable Hal Blaine contributed to Phil Spector's legendary Wall of Sound productions. Yeah, you know the one.

Yet another is the sound of a fat ol' electric guitar drenched in reverb, and while Duane Eddy didn't invent this sound, he certainly used to full effect throughout his career. Plus the video is a major smiler.

I don't know if you've noticed, but filmmaker David Lynch is a complete master at exploiting these sonic flavors of bygone decades to create a cinematic universe that puts a deliciously perverse spin on the Leave It To Beaver-tinted America of our parents and grandparents.

And then there's Vancouver's Kandle.

It's a very cool tune, albeit one that feels cemented firmly in the distressing "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)" wheelhouse. And I'll give you one guess who produced that one.

"When It Hurts," and its accompanying video, are also undeniably Lynchian, even if "I buried my heart in your backyard" is just a metaphor. To me, though, the most interesting thing about this tune is Dave Genn's steel wool-toned guitar solo, which would likely make Jack White flinch.

Not that that's a bad thing.

What else can I tell you about Kandle? Her discography stretches back to at least 2005, with three full-lengths and a handful of EPs, but additional details are few and far between. It appears she was a victim of bad contracts and worse management, until finally, in 2020, she trotted out her first independent release, the Stick Around And Find Out EP.

It also bears mention that this young lady, the daughter of 54-40's Neil Osborne, has the musical pedigree. Sadly, at this point, American music fans likely only know her as the femme fatale in this clip from the aforementioned White.

"When It Hurts" is the fifth(!) single from Kandle's newest album, Set The Fire, which is available now via your favorite music pusher. And, yes, this is my third piece about a Canadian musician in the last week, which I hope will weigh in my favor when applying for dual citizenship.

Gotta think in terms of cashing in on that free healthcare and delicious maple syrup.


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