New Tune : Kath Myers : The Big One

Photo Credit: Grace Pickering

Los Angeles's Kath Myers is a new find for me, and while her new tune, "The Big One" captures feelings people have been dealing with since the beginning of the Industrial Age, and later amplified during the Cold War, this is a dyed-in-the-wool pandemic song to be sure.

Is it just me or does that piano sound a little too much like a bedside EKG?

Regardless, during the course of 3:54, Myers systematically strolls down the primrose path of what my therapist likes to call catastrophic thinking. Sadly, at the end of the day, lack of batteries and bottled water are ultimately minor inconvenience compared to indifferent neighbors. Come on, Kristine! I consistently grab your Fresh Plan packages off the stoop so they don't get stolen; seems the least you can do is notice you haven't seen me in a few weeks before the 800 ingredient cocktail that is the smell of a dead body starts wafting through the ventilation system of this building.

But I digress. Damn catchy tune that manages to split the difference between doomsday prepper anthem and LifeAlert jingle.

An Ohio native, Myers initially came to my attention thanks to her single "According to the Law" from the upcoming Sensitive Groups album, which drops on June 25th. One friend I shared that tune with immediately responded to congratulate me for liking "a cougar song." Fair enough, but I get a very Aimee Mann-ish vibe from that song, with its gently brushed drums, Bad Brains reference and bruising honesty.

Fine. I'm a sucker for monochromatic pantsuits. And, yes, I watched The Politician, though I'm still making peace with that.

But back to "The Big One." I have to believe there's one more verse about the cat eating her. Perhaps that was removed as to not offend la délicate? Or to get the tune in under the dreaded 4-minute mark? Or craftily stashed away for inclusion in a future boxset?

Well played, Madam.


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