New Tune : Katie Sin : Thankful Collector

Here's one that almost slipped through the cracks during the chaos of the last month, but Katie Sin is a young woman who definitely deserves a listen if you occasionally find yourself jonsing for the emotional gutshot of early Joni Mitchell, virtually any vintage of Dar Williams, or if you think the Canadian Amp EP is the filet of the Neko Case discography.

In fact, before we go any further down this road, let's revisit one of the killer tunes from that doozy of an album, this one in particular written by Lisa Marr.

Thank you for humoring me.

Now where was I?

Ah, yes. "Thankful Collector" is Sin's newest single, and finds the Iowa-based singer/chronicling a relationship in recline that seems to be rapidly entering the Here Be Dragons portion of its lifecycle. With her concise lyrics and plainspoken approach, Sin pulls off a major coup here, and the result is poignant without being cloying. Yes, Virginia, this is a rare breakup song that gets better with repeated listens.

The other thing about Sin that deserves mention is her affinity for Judee Sill, a largely forgotten songstress of the 70's, who is definitely worth checking out, if for no other reason than the great Warren Zevon was a fan, and covered this number on his Mutineer (1995) album.

Anyway, back to Sin. The single is available now, and one can only hope there's a full-length and tour on the horizon.


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