New Tune : Lung : Air

I can't express how pleased I am to see that Lung has released another song from their forthcoming album, Come Clean Right Now. Straight out of Cincy (the city that gave birth to the mighty Afghan Whigs), they are loud, dissonant, innovative and fearless.

Basically, they're exactly the type of outsider band FS&JD was designed to heap praise upon.

The duo is comprised of classically trained opera singer/cellist, Kate Wakefield, and drummer Daisy Caplan (Foxy Shazam, Babe Rage), and Come Clean Right Now is, like so many albums that are just now seeing the light of day, an aftershock of the pandemic, along with its accompanying anxiety and uncertainty.

But enough talk. How about we try on another unnerving tune from Come Clean Right Now?

While DNA of the pandemic lineage is clearly present in the sturm und drang of the album, I don't mean to suggest that Lung were a smooth jazz act prior to 2020. I think this number from their prior release, All The King's Horses (2018), will back me up on that.

So, who, besides myself will dig this band?

Great question.

The two gateway bands that come to mind are ones I championed a decade ago. The first is Boston's The Dresden Dolls, whom I still dig, and whom I feel comfortable recommending to people, despite the fact that frontwoman Amanda Palmer did something to someone at some point to piss off a lot of people. The Cabaret-on-acid stylings of their self-titled debut are a great place to start.

Mr. Gnome is another band, and another duo (albeit with an unofficial bass player), that plays in same sandbox as Lung, and also hails from Ohio; in this case, Cleveland. Incredible music (I recommend starting with their 2007 self-titled release), and I can't say enough about their videos, which you'll laugh at initially, then curse when you find yourself staring at the ceiling at 3am, replaying them in your head.

Happily, Mr. Gnome is still active, and The Dresden Dolls still come up for air intermittently, so you have a chance of seeing both if The Fates smile upon you. As far as Lung, you'll be able to get Come Clean Right Now in your hot little hands on August 20th at the behest of the erudite folks at Sofaburn Records. And I feel very safe in going out on a limb and saying this roadwarrior duo will be rolling through your burg before too long. All you gotta do is show up.


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