New Tune : Morningsiders : Bowery Ballroom

Yesterday was mid-move stressful, and I acted out appropriately. Today, I'm in a much better place: In my new apartment, internet hooked up, and what looks like a beautiful day in the Steel City.

Basically, life once more feels like it contains actual possibilities, as opposed to what we've been mucking through for the past 15 or so months.

So, I'm going to lighten up today with Morningsiders, a baroque-poppish NYC-based trio, who call to mind The Magnetic Fields, and maybe, just maybe, a less acerbic John Darnielle. The first single from their upcoming Easy Does It EP, "Bowery Ballroom" is one of those springtime/COVID-homestretch anthems that actually makes you believe, even if just for a fleeting moment, that you won't die alone in your new apartment eating Moon Pies, talking to pigeons and watching Love Boat marathons on the far end of the cable dial.

"Bowery Ballroom" is Popcraft 101, but damn catchy ditty aside, I'm truly looking forward to hearing the rest of Easy Does It, as it was helmed by Peter Katis, the producer behind albums from a couple of my favorite bands, Interpol and The National.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, that platter doesn't drop until October 8th, by which time summer will be but a grainy memory.

See? I know that wide-eyed optimism was just a passing sad daydream.


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