New Tune : The Color Forty Nine : Another World

Photo credit: Becky DiGiglio

I have a bad habit of selling San Diego short when it comes to music. Yeah, I know Stone Temple Pilots are favorite sons, and sure, they have some solid tunes, but as for some of the other bands from America's Finest City to make it big, well, let's just say they leave me a little cold. In fact, it seems my favorite San Diego bands were terrorizing stages not long after the earth cooled, namely Drive Like Jehu and The Beat Farmers.

The Color Forty Nine could change that.

The first thing that grabbed me about "Another World" is the instrumentation. There's plucked violin. There's what sounds like a baritone ukulele. There's a xylophone. Bootom line, if you're looking for "typical," well, you best look elsewhere.

And then the fucking melodica makes its appearance!

I haven't seen one of those since the last Donald Fagen solo tour. Before that, well hell, you gotta go back to Philadelphia in the mid-80s.

Melodicas aside, I don't see too many fans of The Hooters storming their local record store when The Color Forty Nine drops the String Ladders EP on July 23rd.

Of course, one should avoid summarizing a band's sound based on a sample size of a single song, but my knee jerk reaction was that "Another World" could've been an outtake from REM's much-maligned UP, which is far from a bad thing, at least for me.

Athens giants aside, if "Another World" is any indication (and let's hope it is), I can image fans of Calexico, Giant Sand and maybe even American Music Club might get a stirring in their loins at the prospect of what The Color Forty Nine is dealing.

These guys are definitely worth your attention, and it's tragic that I've probably contributed to at least have the views of the video on YouTube. It also deserves mentioning that, though they have only been around since 2018, they've already toured Japan, and were headlining shows in Mexico City when the pandemic ground the world to a halt in early-2020. But if you're a glass-half-full person, at least the subsequent downtime provided the quartet with an opportunity to write and record material for not only String Ladders, but also a second EP (title and release date TBD), and one would imagine they will be touring in support of both before too long.


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